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The is a questionnaire for its purchasers, so that they can segment their point of view about the store and its quality and on what status it exists. The advances its class and dazed its failings.

This survey is let them know that on what levels they are living, what should be changed, what should be added. They give their customers a particular protocol by which many more come to them. The Walmart is a mart of United States of America. It is an international merchandising organization. It controls a series of superstores (also entitled supercentres), markdown department stores, and grocery stores. Its headquarter is in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam Walton is the founder of the Walmart. Home Home Overview:

In the you devise to provide the reactions to the interrogations asked in the survey. By your reviews about the store, the company considers that what should be updated or added in their organization that makes them better. There is a chance for three (3) lucky winners to win the 1000$ to each person. Not only for yourself you are also giving benefit to many new customers of Walmart around the world.

How to claim the reward of 1000$ an even more in Walmart Survey?

Actually the Walmart not only rewards a 1000$ to each 3 people on 1st position in the competition. They have then different prices for more people that totally gets in worth of 33000$. They all are Sweepstakes, so there is no cash redemption. Once your survey gets completed, you have to wait for the result of the draws. So you have a big chance to win.

Requirements to Take Walmart Survey at

  1. You should have a device having access to the internet.
  2. You must be a nationalist of Canada, belonging from the majority.
  3. The bill or receipt that you get on purchasing something from the store is significant and essential.
  4. You have to know English or Spanish to take the survey.
  5. You must be greater or equal to eighteen (18) years.
  6. Purchasing is not necessary for taking the survey. Like you don’t need to buy more and more to make your chances increase. I will do nothing.
  7. You can be a protected or non-protected veteran or a local person, it doesn’t matter.
  8. Read rules of taking the survey.

Rules of taking the

  • Single user can take part one time at a time of the period.
  • The bill or acknowledgement must be up-to-date or it possibly will not be older than 1 week.
  • By using one tab, only one can participate.
  • If the person who have already participated in the same competition and he takes another survey too then, that will not increase his winning chance.
  • You must be greater than 18 and must be a resident of United States.
  • The award of 1000$, each 100$ to 3 winners, Sweepstakes is non-transferable.
  •  You can get the sweepstakes through products or services that has a worth of 1000$. It is not a cash reward.
  • Provide the correct and original details of everything including your information too.

Steps to Take Walmart Customer Feedback Survey at

Select language
Select language
  • You can choose English, Spanish, or French only.
  • Write the date, same as on the bill. Pattern should be in (month, days, year).
  • Enter the store number written on the receipt.
  • Enter the Tc number written on the slip or bill.
TC Number
TC Number
  • Click the “Continue” button.
  • After that you have to give answers to many questions. You have to provide them with honestly. there they will ask you about them and there will also be a rating option. Rate them out of 5 stars.
  • After that you have to provide your information too.
  • Your survey is complete now. Wait for the reward announcement.
Continue Rewards:

  • Society can segment their point of view about something that they liked or they did not like about the store.
  • The association ensures the quality, hygiene, behavior of employee and any other thing related to the company.
  • You are like a boss to them because they will make everything available for you that you demand. By giving the survey, you are not only providing benefit to yourself but you are providing benefit to all other people and the company too.
  • The most important thing of all time is that you have a great chance to win 1000$ Sweepstakes that has an excellent worth. Three lucky winners can beat that.
  • In this world there will be no one who will not try in this and leave a chance like a dumb. So without wasting your time, follow the steps given in this article to complete the survey and get a chance to win the 1000$ worth of Sweepstakes and more.

Contact information:

Phone Number: 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART)

Also check:


The is an online web portal of Walmart Store to take the survey from its customers. It is a way to get the information through which they decide to update or add new things in them. It also gives rewards to its users. It announces three winners that won gift card of 1000$ to each winner. Other people get 1000$ divided to 5 and ten people and similarly it gets up to 33000$ among many participants.

I think there will be no body who don’t wishes to have benefits and want to make his life easy. If life is giving you just a tiny try, go for it without thinking it will provide you with a lot. When you will not think about it, it will become your worth.


 Q1: Can purchasing more means to win more?

Ans: No, your purchasing is not necessary for your wining chances. It is luck based only.

Q2: What is meant by veteran?

Ans: If you are serving in a government or military service, then you are protected veteran, and if you are retired then you are a non-protected veteran. If you are a local person mean that you are/were not a government employee than you are called simple or locals.

Q3: Is it a safe web?

Ans: Yes, it is.

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